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Top 10 Enterprise Security Consulting/Services Startups - 2019

Enterprise security is one of the major concerns today. Attacks on enterprises are escalating in an alarming fashion making their operations fragile. According to the recent studies by enterprise security experts, numerous organizations are struggling to safeguard themselves from the frequent attacks. In one way or other, the organizations suffer a security breach, data leak, malware, Denial of Service attack, or other security issue. This paves the need for the delivery of comprehensive services that ensure enterprise security. Realizing this need in the business realm, several start-ups had come forward with industry-best services over the big name providers.

Such result-driven service providers helps enterprises to make themselves safe from the escalating pressure of threats. Additionally, they can leverage the majestic features of technologies including AI and machine learning to make them capable enough to mitigate these threats. It is also mandatory for the enterprise security service providers to position themselves to deliver flexible and customizable of services to streamline enterprises’ security operations. While some of these problems may solved in software, the service providers should be capable enough to provide comprehensive services to ensure a robust protection from the data breaches in terms of hardware.

To help business providers in selecting promising enterprise security services, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the start-up companies offering pioneering services in the enterprise security industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of services that can be used to optimize your business process.

We present to you, our “Top 10 Enterprise Security Consulting/Services Startups - 2019.”

    Top Enterprise Security Consulting/Services Startups

  • Provides industry expert cyber security advisory services


  • Block Harbor

    Block Harbor

    Block Harbor is a team of experts that united to provide security solutions where the cyber and physical worlds intersect

  • Clarus Tech Partners

    Clarus Tech Partners

    The firm offers comprehensive Data Breach Risk Assessment and Compliance Readiness solutions for SMBs to assess their current data security and compliance exposure

  • inCyber Security

    inCyber Security

    inCyber Security is a cybersecurity and cyber compliance consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses protect themselves from cyber threats and adhere to industry regulations while reducing risks and costs

  • Insight Engineering Solutions

    Insight Engineering Solutions

    The firm provide real time support to the nation’s war fighters in various Theaters of Operation that require tactical network security solutions; web based reporting solutions and satellite network engineering solutions

  • Layer 8 Security

    Layer 8 Security

    Layer 8 Security is a cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and technical services company that creates risk management solutions for your evolving information security and compliance needs

  • Leet Cyber Security

    Leet Cyber Security

    Leet Cyber Security focuses on solving the ‘Hacker problem’ by focusing on the technical challenges that relate directly to adversaries

  • Red Lion

    Red Lion

    Designs and implements security and privacy solutions for clients to prevent security breaches and manage regulatory compliance

  • The North Group

    The North Group

    The North Group Inc. is a full-service security solution that provides assistance from inception to resolution by aiding with the implementation of the recommended security package

  • Xela


    Xela, LLC is a Economically Disadvantaged, Minority and Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB, MBE) specializing in software engineering and cyber security products and services