CSBA Group: CISO Advisors Providing Boards and Executives Cybersecurity Program Assurance

Michael Iwanoff, President & CEO, CSBA GroupMichael Iwanoff, President & CEO
Amid the expanding threat landscape and the concomitant evolution of cybersecurity and data privacy regulations, organizations find themselves inundated with new technologies and services that promise to solve all problems. However, most of them lack the key element that models their specific risk and threat posture and guides the selection of an effective and cost-efficient solution.

CSBA is a company founded on the precept that Boards of Directors and Executive Management benefit from having an independent assurance of their security risk and threat posture to help guide security management investment and compliance. Through a proprietary NIST-based security assessment model, CSBA can quickly and diligently identify, qualify, and communicate an executive view of the greatest areas of risk and the most likely and impactful threats facing a company. It can also propose a strategy to address those findings. CSBA has a repository of qualified, practicing Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) who advise its clients on these cybersecurity challenges. A combination of the knowledge of the CISO’s and objective analysis of the threat posture allows clients to build the right security architecture and gain control over their IT infrastructure and data where it most counts.

“CSBA’s advisors are Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 CISO’s who have served in multiple companies and reported to both Executive Management and the Board of Directors,” mentions Michael Iwanoff, President and CEO, CSBA. The advisors are sourced from nearly all industry sectors and have successfully built cost-effective enterprise-wide security and risk management programs aligned with industry and government regulations.

At the outset of a client engagement CSBA evaluates the organization’s goals, objectives, existing technology infrastructure, and regulatory and industry trends and challenges. Based on this information, the CISO advisor performs a risk analysis of the organization’s resources, employees, business process, and technologies.

Our rich pool of independent CISO advisors helps Boards and Executive Management teams to gain confidence in their security program and prioritize the risk reduction controls

The advisor utilizes CSBA’s proprietary risk assessment tool to evaluate the maturity of security controls across a company and identifies the areas that pose a maximum risk. Based on the outcome of the assessment, the advisor delivers a security roadmap proposal to guide the Board and/or the C-level management and works with their security management team to implement the required changes for the next 6-9 months. In working with a ‘clean-energy’ company, for instance, CSBA Group could help the client reduce their risks significantly by implementing specific access controls and system hardening frameworks aligned to the threat areas of highest risk. Besides, CSBA provided them with a complete suite of the risk management framework, policy, and standards tailored to their environment and ready for adoption, providing significant savings in comparison to producing through internal development or contracted services.

Backed by the rich talent pool of experts, CSBA has expanded its services from Cyber Security Board Advisor to include two more services: Cyber Security Executive (CXO) Partner and Cyber Security M&A Due Diligence. The CXO Partner service provides the client one of CSBA’s advisors who provides a company’s security management team expert guidance on performing holistic risk analysis and threat modeling, developing a security program maturity roadmap, establishing useful metrics and reports for Executive Management and the Board of Directors, and mentoring on cybersecurity leadership and management. On the other hand, the M&A Due Diligence service helps companies reduce significant costs associated with a new acquisition. In this service, a CISO advisor examines the acquired company’s IT assets and information security posture to identify risks and cybersecurity threats proactively.

At the cutting edge of cybersecurity consulting, CSBA is addressing the growing need for Executive Management and Board-level cybersecurity advisor services. With vast experience in solving complex security challenges, the company strides ahead with the ambition to serve companies globally.
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