Cequence Security: A Revolutionary Approach to Application Security

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Larry Link, President & CEO, Cequence SecurityLarry Link, President & CEO
The bots. They’re everywhere.

With the Bot Age taking shape, the Internet is already flooded with bots that are getting smarter every day. “Malicious bots now account for nearly one-third of all traffic on the Internet, making it the new leading cyber threat facing today’s hyper-connected enterprise,” says Larry Link, President and CEO of Cequence Security, and a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience creating, building and managing profitable enterprise technology businesses.

While the reliance on web, mobile, and API application services continues to increase for facilitating business process and connecting to customer, partners, and suppliers, malicious bots are targeting such applications to launch account takeover (ATO), API/ business logic abuse, fake account creation, site scrapping and similar attacks. With tools, infrastructure, and lists of compromised credentials easily available on the dark web today, these advanced bot attacks are a step ahead of legacy security tools and first-generation bot defense tools. While attackers are constantly upping their game, the question is how do leaders secure their hyper-connected enterprise?

Cequence Security has the answer, providing an application security barrier between bad actors and businesses with its application security platform (ASP), powered by data science and machine learning. “When old school techniques like IP address blocking and JavaScript injection fail to safeguard businesses, we protect clients’ applications with our patented AI-powered solution,” says Link. The company recognizes the threat of automated attacks facing financial firms, media organizations, and e-commerce sites, gaming companies, and healthcare institutions.

Cequence ASP can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, across any number of locations.

CQAI learns whether the transaction was benign or not and understands the heuristics of the transaction upto application layer

The platform has three integrated modules—CQAI, CQ Manage, and CQ Connect. The CQAI analytics engine leverages advanced machine learning and analyzes metadata collected from the client, application, and network transactions. “CQAI learns whether the transaction was benign or not and understands the heuristics of the transaction up to application layer,” adds Link. The analysis involves the determination of user and application behavior, header, protocol and the underlying intent of the transaction. Without requiring any application modifications like other tools, the Cequence solution passively zeroes in on malicious bot activities to detect and defend against attacks.

With CQ Manage, enterprises can easily leverage insights into malicious bot activity detected by CQAI, then perform real-time blocking, rate limiting, and active attack deception. They can use policies to defend IT infrastructure and respond differently for each application in the event of a security threat. While security products are often considered as isolated “black boxes,” CQ Connect brings in a high level of integration with the third party solutions. CQ Connect allows users to custom connect and share information with SIEMs, anti-fraud systems, and other devices.

The company’s advanced ASP has already fortified the security posture of numerous clients across various verticals and F500 companies. A credit card processing firm had sought a solution to protect its suite of hundreds of applications against the backdrop of 2,000 compromises every day with the cost of each breach ranging from $500 to $1500 per record. After deploying Cequence ASP, the client was able to reduce the compromises to 10 percent of the earlier figure and financial losses. Eventually, the credit card processing firm succeeded in proactively mitigating security risks.

Cequence Security is poised for significant growth over next couple of years. Besides adding more capabilities in data science, the company aims to introduce more advanced application security functions to its scalable software platform.
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