CapLinked: The Intuitive Virtual Data Room

Christopher Grey, COO & Co-founder, CapLinkedChristopher Grey, COO & Co-founder
Business data represents the intellectual capital, competitive differentiator and the lifeblood of every organization. In a constantly evolving threat landscape, a holistic approach to securing this confidential data is of utmost importance. Alongside, enterprises also have to maintain a balance between robust security and ease of access. Addressing this challenging scenario is CapLinked, a pioneering firm, which eliminates security challenges in storing and sharing confidential information through a highly flexible and easy to use central platform. “Tantamount to Google’s ease of use in search capabilities, CapLinked makes it safer, faster, and simpler to manage business data in the cloud,” aptly describes Christopher Grey, COO and Co-founder of CapLinked.

Today, organizations across the globe leverage CapLinked’s advanced workspaces as a modern, intuitive, and secure virtual data room. CapLinked’s cloud-based platform enables enterprises and outside collaborators to share sensitive information easily and securely for capital raises, asset sales, mergers and acquisitions, investor and board reporting, business development negotiations, and other complex business transactions. The solution’s intelligent and highly flexible tools enable data update, view, and download privileges for authenticated users. “With the CapLinked platform, we deliver the blend of ease of use and flexibility as well as the best value proposition for data security at extremely competitive prices. Customers can easily understand and use the product without additional training requirements,” explains Grey.

For quick and easy sharing and tracking of sensitive data, CapLinked offers a set of API endpoints that enables seamless integration with any application. From non-disclosure agreements to contracts to financial records, CapLinked secures data under the highest standards with AES 256-bit encryption and granular permission settings.

With CapLinked platform, we deliver the blend of ease of use and flexibility as well as the best value proposition for data security at extremely competitive prices

Furthermore, the platform features watermarking capabilities that can be used to apply dynamic watermarks of name, time stamps, email, and IP address to documents. CapLinked’s plug-in free technology with the right blend of high-grade encryption techniques enable organizations to protect the sensitive information with industry’s most secure technology. The company is ISO 27001 certified and compliant with industry-recognized security credentials such as FISMA, PCI SAQ-D, and HIPAA as well as EU-US Privacy Shield, and AICPA SOC 2.

Since opening its doors in 2010, CapLinked has been a valued security solutions partner to some of the world’s leading enterprises including Leading Club, Frontier Airlines, and ReedSmith. Drawing a complete picture of CapLinked’s solutions, Grey recalls some instances that explain the company’s value proposition in the enterprise security solutions arena at its best. CapLinked assisted a large tech company that was in need of a solution to handle data securely for government audits. “Though the client was capable enough to build their software, they leveraged our solution for secure and seamless government audits,” extols Grey. In another instance, a large pharmaceutical company harnessed the potential of CapLinked’s platform to share research information securely at their conferences. With its advanced security features, CapLinked ensured that the confidential information was not misused or accessed without authorization.

With organizations gearing up for the new blockchain trend, CapLinked recently announced a new solution TransitNet, an open and unified blockchain framework to protect digital assets and permanently record data accessed during enterprise transactions. The TransitNet protocol features an API that enables organizations to protect and track information exchanged during third-party transactions related to corporate activities. With a global client base, CapLinked focuses on enhancing its solutions and evolving with the changing threats landscape in the long run.