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Matt Beecher, Founder & CEO, Astute SecurityMatt Beecher, Founder & CEO
According to CSO’s latest Security Business Report, the Cyber Security industry will be faced with 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021. For too many CISOs and security teams that labor shortage is already being felt today. As former director of cybersecurity for a prominent health insurance company, Matt Beecher, Founder and CEO of Astute Security, observed firsthand how teams struggled with the deluge of security events day after day. “We had all the cutting-edge tools and solutions but were missing efficiency gains and flexibility. We weren’t able to easily get the right security information to the right people at the right time,” Beecher said. Leveraging his enterprise security experience and deep background in data and analytics, Beecher founded Astute Security. Today, the company is turning heads in the industry for its state-of-the-art security data analytics platform, ASTUTE, which not only helps organizations tackle security data challenges, but also empowers security teams.

“Cybersecurity is a skewed battle,” Beecher said. “Our focus is to enable teams to work together effectively and to engage more of the organization—managers, data owners, business partners—in the security fight. By providing context, translating complex jargon into business-friendly terminology, and presenting data in a simple manner, we are able to seamlessly extend the security team and allow much more efficient action on alerts.”

The ASTUTE platform tackles some of the most underserved areas in enterprise security.

Our focus is to enable teams to work together effectively and engage more of the organization in the security fight

One of the first-use cases the company earmarked was insider threat. ASTUTE helps organizations to ingest and process large amounts of data, from across systems, both on-prem and cloud-based, and then assembles seemingly benign events into a comprehensive risk picture. ASTUTE is also equally adept at constantly monitoring for anomalies in the environment. Through advanced machine-learning techniques, the platform scores events and actions and escalates high-risk threats. While traditionally alerts often go directly to the security operations center (SOC) for review and triage, ASTUTE can direct alerts to others in the organization for review. “This facilitates quick decision-making by eliminating the unnecessary bouncing of messages between different teams,” Beecher added.

Other features that make ASTUTE a cut above many other security solutions is the fact that it is highly flexible, agile and complements the existing tools in an enterprise, including SIEM and UEBA. The platform can be deployed on-premise, as a cloud solution, or in a hybrid model. The platform is not a cookie-cutter approach, so it is adaptable to changes in the security landscape or the risks facing an organization. “Other solutions prescribe how pre-defined security rules should be applied to business and data,” Beecher said. “With ASTUTE, we allow clients to easily tailor the rules and scoring models to their organization’s risk tolerance.”

At a time when the market is suffering from an acute talent shortage in the area of enterprise security, Astute Security is leading the pack with its in-depth knowledge and vast experience in tackling real-world security challenges. Beecher and his team are clearly committed to applying a fresh perspective to both the long-standing and emerging challenges facing modern cybersecurity teams.
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